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Our Story

At Cann-Ade®, our simple but potent ingredients are designed to restore the body,

enliven the mind, and enrich every day moments.

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Cann-Ade® is Packed with Clean, Hard-Working Ingredients.

LET'S TALK HYDRATION! As humans, we're made of 60% water. What you drink, and how
often you drink it, determines your physical and mental wellbeing.
Every bottle of

Cann-Ade® combines triple-filtered water with powerfully potent ingredients to maximize that hydration and offer sippers a more holistic, complete beverage.


On the label of your favorite Cann-Ade® flavor, you'll find...

Adaptogenic Hemp

Each refreshing bottle of Cann-Ade® is infused with 20mg of potent, lab-tested, adaptogenic hemp grown sustainably in North Carolina.

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Triple-Filtered, Pure Water

Triple filtered by reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and UV light to ensure purity. 

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Organic Fruit Juice

Only flavorful, organic fruit brings each bottle of Cann-Ade® to life. No artificial flavors, colors, or additives.

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Lab Reports
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All of our Products are Third Party Lab Tested,...

We go the extra mile to ensure potency, purity and transparency, and make the lab results available on our site for anyone and everyone. We encourage you to be nosey!

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Health Seals

...and are a super addition to support a healthy lifestyle.

Cann-Ade® is always low-calorie, with no added or artificial sugars, colors, or preservatives.

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  • Does Cann-Ade® need to be refrigerated?
    All of our products are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated as long as they are unopened. Always consume Cann-Ade® immediately after opening.
  • How Long is My Cann-Ade® Good For?
    Check out the best-by date which is at the very bottom of the bottle.
  • How Much Hemp is in Each Bottle of Cann-Ade®?
    Approximately 20mg in every 16.9 oz bottle of Cann-Ade® (+/- 3-5mg)
  • Is Cann-Ade® Kosher?
    Yes, Cann-Ade® is Kosher certified by Atlanta Kashruth Comission.
  • Will Cann-Ade® Get Me High?
    Simply answered: No Many consumers of Cann-Ade® report feeling a sense of improved state of mind, less anxiety and an overall feeling of wellness. Nobody has reported Cann-Ade® giving them feelings of being "high."
  • When Should I Drink Cann-Ade®?
    Drinking Cann-Ade® with each meal is a great way to perhaps improve your life. Cann-Ade® may serve as an alternative to sugary beverages, or even alcoholic beverages. Many enjoy Cann-Ade® post workout, during the work day, after the work day, first thing in the morning, with lunch, with dinner, at the bar, at a party, at the beach, at the pool, in the mountains, or even on a plane! Try it and let us know your favorite times and ways to enjoy!
  • Is Cann-Ade® in Glass or Plastic Bottles?
    Cann-Ade® is exclusively produced in glass bottles.
Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder, Benjamin Mogul

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Hemp saved my life. I was a collegiate athlete who was suffering with post concussion syndrome. ​That is when a great friend enlightened me to the natural healing powers of hemp. I instantly felt improvement in my symptoms as soon as I ingested the amazing extract. I continued to utilize it, and could not believe the impact the hemp had on my health, both body and mind. From that moment I knew I had to learn more about this, and I set out on a journey to do that! I became a student of the brain, the body, agriculture, and ultimately integrative health practices. Through my journey, observing others with positive experiences with hemp, and recognizing the emerging clinical research, I realized the need for a particular product. A hemp product that is easy to consume, and is super nourishing with organic ingredients. I set out to create the healthiest product I possibly could. I believe I have done so successfully and deeply hope Cann-Ade helps you, your family, your friends, our nation, and the world at large. We believe Together WeCann™ live a healthier, happier existence. 

Kindly, ​

Benjamin Mogul

Founder and CEO

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