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Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Cann-Ade® is the adaptogenic beverage that revitalizes and restores your body through simple and honest ingredients.

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Organic Fruit Juice

Only flavorful, organic fruit brings each bottle of

Cann-Ade® to life. No artificial flavors, colors, or additives.

20mg of American Grown Hemp

Infused with 20mg of potent, lab-tested, adaptogenic hemp grown sustainably in North Carolina.

Triple-Filtered Water

Triple filtered by reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and UV light to ensure purity. 

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So,...What's in the Bottle?

Every ingredient that you'll find in each bottle of Cann-Ade® has been chosen with purpose and kept whole as nature intended it to be. We believe that as a company, it's our responsibility to source sustainably and responsibly, and we've done just that. Look at the label of any one of our delicious flavors and you'll find:

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Good Vibes Only! This uplifting flavor tastes like delicious sun-ripened, organic peaches.
Tart and bright, Zen Lemon helps to bring the sunshine with a splash of crisp, organic citrus.
Two is better then one! Enjoy the flavor of organic strawberries infused with aromatic lime zest.
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"...I feel better, mentally & physically..."

"Since drinking Cann-Ade, I feel better, mentally and physically. It's helped me start my day feeling more on-point and less anxious which has helped me kick a lot of bad habits and start so many healthy good ones. You can't get better than Cann-Ade, this product is a life changer." - Jane L. 

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