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Together WeCann™

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With every purchase of Cann-Ade®, you are contributing to your health, the well-being of veterans, and the betterment of our world.


We believe that Together WeCann™ create a healthier, happier existence. 


Cann-Ade's® continuous contribution to hemp research has become more critical than ever in order to support the development of knowledge, access, beneficial and safe use of hemp products.


We are proud to support the AMVETS HEAL program.

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The HEAL Mission

"To ensure the needs of ALL Veterans are met including access to the best quality healthcare (mental health and specialized services) and to help them live longer and healthier lives.

These services are free."

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AMVETS is an incredible organization who is focused on preserving the lives of United States Veterans.

Clothes Donation


Whether it's through monetary resources or things like new clothes, holiday gifts, or venue space, every bit helps.

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Each purchase of Cann-Ade® helps support our veterans through the AMVETS HEAL Program.

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