Cann-ade is holistic hydration™ 

and Nourishing

Utilizing organic juices, triple filtered water, and the finest broad spectrum hemp extract available.

Green Agate

Calming and Balancing

We carefully source the best ingredients for you and your loved ones to benefit from.  

Broad Spectrum
Hemp-Derived CBD

What can we say? We sought out to create a product for everyone to consume and benefit from on a daily basis. Many believe Cann-Ade has changed their life and swear by drinking a bottle with each meal, throughout the day. Fans of Cann-Ade  have described it as, "harmonizing, aligning, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, scrumptious, light and refreshing." Many choose Cann-Ade as an alcohol replacement, others utilize it to soothe aches and pains, or to help with mood and nerves. However Cann-Ade helps you, we are so happy that it does. In true Cann-Ade fashion, we empower you to share a smile, to share your positive energy, to be the good, to help your neighbor, to stretch, to laugh, to hug, to shine.

“Cann-Ade is calming. I felt less mental pressure, less anxiety. The best part for me was that it helped with my pains in my muscles and joints, like it calmed my nerves. The taste was great too.”

John, Atlanta

Holding a Branch

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