Strawberry-Lime Sublime 12 Pack

Two is better than one! Crack open a bottle of Strawberry-Lime Sublime to taste ripe strawberries and the tang of citrusy lime zest! Each bottle of Strawberry-Lime Sublime Cann-Ade® is infused with 20mg of adaptogenic hemp sustainably grown in North Carolina.


At Cann-Ade®, full transparency is always non-negotiable. That’s why when you look at our label, you’ll see only organic lemon juice, USA grown hemp, acacia fiber, and triple-filtered water with no fillers, preservatives, added sugars or artificial anything.


Experience delicious Strawberry-Lime Sublime Cann-Ade® today and save 10% when you sign up for a monthly subscription!


✅ Vegan   ✅ Kosher   ✅ Gluten-Free   ✅ Non-GMO   


Strawberry-Lime Sublime 12 Pack

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  • "I hate the taste of artificial strawberry, which is exactly why I LOVE this flavor of Cann-Ade - it actually tastes like real strawberries with a hint of the lime. Really great flavor with really great benefits." - Chris N. 


    "I drink two Cann-Ades a day, one in the morning and one at night. Since starting that routine about 3 months ago, I've noticed huge improvements in my mood and overall mental health. This stuff works." - Kara B.