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Cann-Ade Receives Endorsement From Legendary NFL Quarterback, Donovan McNabb

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Cann-Ade Corporation (“Cann-Ade Corporation” and the “Company”), the exclusive producer of Cann-Ade, the world’s first and only USDA Certified Organic hemp-infused beverage (“Cann-Ade”), today announced that it has received the endorsement of legendary NFL quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

Donovan McNabb’s endorsement is a significant milestone for Cann-Ade, which has quickly become a favorite among health enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone looking for eco-friendly and natural products. Mr. McNabb, who has publicly expressed that hemp extract is like WD-40 for his body and helps him stay levelheaded, praised Cann-Ade as a healthy and refreshing alternative to sugary sports drinks, enthusiastically stating, “Cann-Ade helps me recover faster after a workout, and it makes me feel more relaxed, focused, and balanced overall. Cann-Ade tastes great and I highly recommend incorporating Cann-Ade into any wellness routine.”

Since its introduction to the market in 2022, Cann-Ade has taken the market by storm, thanks to its unique blend of organic adaptogenic hemp and refreshing, all-natural fruit flavors to help our bodies manage stress and restore balance. Cann-Ade’s three flagship flavors, Positively Peach, Strawberry-Lime Sublime, and Zen Lemon, have become a favorite among health enthusiasts, athletes, and everyone looking to improve their well-being through natural and eco-friendly products. Cann-Ade is arguably the safest and most efficacious hemp infused beverage on the market today, with perhaps the cleanest label and overall healthiest combination of synergistic ingredients to promote homeostasis in the body.

“We are thrilled to receive Donovan McNabb’s endorsement of Cann-Ade,” said Benjamin Mogul, founder and CEO of Cann-Ade Corporation. Mr. Mogul continued, “As a highly respected professional athlete and health advocate, Donovan’s endorsement of Cann-Ade further validates our commitment to providing the best quality hemp-infused beverage in the market with our goal to naturally help consumers with their total body wellness.”

Cann-Ade Corporation is committed to providing a healthier alternative to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are often filled with harmful artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Cann-Ade Corporation’s dedication to using only the highest quality USDA Organic certified hemp and all USDA Organic ingredients has made it a standout leader on store shelves, leading to sky rocketing reorder rates and clear leadership in the hot emerging category. Cann-Ade Corporation will continue to inspire more people to prioritize their well-being by incorporating Cann-Ade into their daily wellness routines.

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