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Cann-Ade® Launches Crowdfunding Offering on StartEngine

Cann-Ade® Corporation (“Cann-Ade® Corporation” and the “Company”), the exclusive producer of Cann-Ade®, the USDA Organic Hemp-Infused Beverage brand (“Cann-Ade®”), today announced the launch of its Regulation Crowdfunding offering on the StartEngine equity crowdfunding platform, allowing investors to purchase shares of the privately-held Company which has successfully commercialized its portfolio of proprietary Cann-Ade® beverage formulations, which recently achieved USDA Organic certification. The Company believes that Cann-Ade® is the first and only USDA organic hemp-infused beverage product to be produced and brought to market in the U.S.

Led by its team of seasoned industry veterans who have been instrumental in developing and launching world-class brands, Cann-Ade® Corporation has established robust distributor relationships throughout the east coast since Cann-Ade®’s launch into the marketplace in March 2022. Cann-Ade®’s three proprietary flavors, Positively Peach™, Zen Lemon™, and Strawberry-Lime Sublime™, are currently featured on the shelves of over 600 U.S. retail locations, including Dunkin’ Donuts, 7-Eleven, Exxon, Food Town Supermarkets, Key Food Supermarkets, C-Town Supermarkets, Food Emporium Supermarkets, and many more.

“We are thrilled with the consumer demand for Cann-Ade® and the continued repeat business of our Cann-Ade® products. Since inception it has been our goal to lead the industry in consumer experience, value, and consistency, and I believe we are on track to achieve this with a clear path to profitability leading with correct unit economics and a lean operating ideology.”, stated Benjamin Mogul, CEO of Cann-Ade® Corporation.

Mr. Mogul continued, “With an accelerated increase in demand for Cann-Ade®, and the need for additional capital to support our rapid growth, StartEngine became a logical choice for a timely early-stage financing round, and we are excited about the possibilities that StartEngine offers to us.”

Cann-Ade® has received proven consumer interest within the booming Hemp-Infused Beverage Market, which according to Data Bridge Market Research, is projected to reach a value of 8.9 billion by the year 2029. With a nearly 100% reorder rate, revenue increases of 133% month-over-month, and a nearly quadrupled retail presence projected for 2023, Cann-Ade® has generated significant brand loyalty within a short period of time and is quickly becoming a trusted and sought-after hemp-infused beverage of choice.

The Company’s proprietary Cann-Ade® beverages have uniquely healthy ingredients including all-organic juices, triple filtered water, and USDA organic certified hemp extracts. Cann-Ade® delivers a delicious and ultra-low-calorie beverage that consumers are hailing as being “life-altering”, “the perfect alcohol-alternative,” and, “a powerful, relaxation inducing, anti-inflammatory.” “Through healthful and delicious natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, public third-party lab reports, and continued education around the power of hemp, we believe that Cann-Ade® is indeed setting the gold standard for the industry.”, said Mr. Mogul.

Investors in the Company’s crowdfunding offering on StartEngine will receive equity in Cann-Ade Corporation for a minimum investment of only $249. In addition to owning equity in Cann-Ade® Corporation, investors may also take advantage of certain investment perks such as gift cards, donation pledges and more, based on the amount invested.

Investments in our crowdfunding offering will not only enable us to expand Cann-Ade®’s national presence, but will also aid in the research, development, and advocacy that advances the entire hemp industry forward as Cann-Ade continues to make philanthropic contributions to federal non-profit AMVETS and specifically to their “Heal” program.

To invest in Cann-Ade® Corporation today, visit StartEngine


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